Sun Joe iON16LM | Innovative EcoSharp battery system

Sun Joe iON16LM | Innovative EcoSharp battery system
Sun Joe iON16LM | Innovative EcoSharp battery system

Even though the company is most known for its electric snow blowers, it has launched a highly advanced, lightweight, and cordless electric mower – Sun Joe iON16LM. It eliminates the gas, oil, toxic fumes, extension cables, and pull-cords, thus allowing you to finish yard work smoothly and efficiently.


  • Wide range of grass cutting height
  • Compact design that is easy to store
  • Accessories


The lawn mower is powered by the rechargeable EcoSharp battery system rated at 40 V, 5.0 Ah, and uses top-notch lithium-ion technology to deliver a runtime of 40 minutes. It cuts the grass in 16-inch swaths, so your lawn is trimmed quickly. You can adjust this mower to six height positions, from 1.18 inches up to 3.15 inches.


The gadget is eco-friendly with zero carbon emissions, while the noise level is quiet as well. It takes roughly 30 minutes for the removable battery to gain full charge, which is way faster than its lead-acid counterparts. For your safety, a key is incorporated next to the battery component – the mower can’t be started or used once the key is pulled out. It comes with a catch bag to be attached to the rear discharge point for holding grass clippings and preventing them from shooting out. The battery is lightweight, so the lawn mower just weighs 37 pounds. Even though it isn’t self-propelled, you can push it around without difficulty.


  • It has a powerful 600 W brushless motor for increased battery efficiency and extended motor life
  • Durable steel blade for precision performance
  • Rugged front and rear all-terrain wheels that make it easy to maneuver in tight spaces
  • Starts with a single push button
  • Ergonomic design makes operation easy
  • The 9.25-gallon grass bag conveniently detaches to dispose of grass clippings
  • Compact design ideal for small to mid-sized lawns
  • Cutting options – Bag and discharge chute
  • 6-position height adjustment lever tailors grass cutting height from 1.18 to 3.15 inches


  • Lithium ion battery
  • Charger

Warranty & Service

This cordless mower (ETL approved and Energy Star certified) has a 2-year limited warranty that includes service and parts for manufacturing defects. Even though there are no service centers or authorized repair technicians outside of Snow Joe, you can contact the customer care team via email or phone. Access the Sun Joe website to download user manual or order additional batteries and chargers.


This lawn mower is apt for small to mid-size lawns – operation is easy and starts with the touch of a button, while the ergonomic handle enhances comfort during usage. Caring for your lawn won’t be so tedious anymore!


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